Eyelid Twitching ma They are so annoying! Those crazy eyelid twitches! No matter how you try to make them stop, they just won’t…and to make matters worse, you are absolutely positive that others are focusing on your twitching lid.

  • What causes eyelid twitches? Should you be concerned?

    • Technically called eyelid myokymia, twitches are characterized by uncontrollable, repetitive, spasms of the eyelid, occurring every few seconds, lasting for about a minute or two.
    • Most eyelid twitches are tiny and subtle and are not easily seen by others.
    • Twitches are usually painless and harmless but can be annoying and disruptive.
    • Sometimes twitching affects the upper lid, sometimes the lower.
    • Most sudden-onset eyelid twitching is benign, not serious and not a sign of a medical problem.
    • Most people will develop a minor eyelid twitch at some point in their lives.
  • Determining the cause or ‘triggers’ of eyelid twitches can be problematic. However, twitches seem to be related to lifestyle factors:

    • Lack of sleep – a common trigger.
    • Alcohol – limit your intake and see if that makes a difference.
    • Caffeine – re-consider your daily triple-shot latte.
    • Nutritional imbalances – a lack of magnesium may be a cause.
    • Eye strain – have an eye exam to determine if your prescription has changed.
    • Allergies – some evidence exists that histamines can cause twitching.
    • Dry eyes – age related or linked to too much computer time or contact lenses.
    • Last but not least: Stress – your eyes may be telling you to take a big, deep breath and chill!
  • Two or more of these ‘triggers’ may combine to cause your eyelid to twitch.
  • Twitching may also be caused by irritation of the surface of the cornea or the membranes (conjunctiva) lining the eyelid.
    • The irritation may be caused by chronic dry eye, which can be treated with over-the-counter artificial tears or a prescribed medication.
  • Minor eyelid twitches usually disappear without you even noticing. But in some rare cases, the twitching does not go away.

If you are concerned about chronic eyelid twitching, call us at 888.296.0106 for a consultation…the solution may be as simple as an updating your eyeglass prescription!


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