3 Signs You Need Reading Glasses

Eye Exam Greenfield, MA If you feel like all parts of your body are aging, then welcome to the aging club. From the moment we are born, our bodies start to age in some way or another but it isn’t until our 50’s and 60’s that we really start to see all of the more negative effects of aging like vision loss. As one of the most common vision problems that people run into as they age, the inability to see up close means that you need readers. But when exactly can you tell if it’s time to embrace the reading glasses and schedule an appointment with us? Let’s take a closer look.

You Have to Hold Things Far Away

When you go to pick up a box of food and want to read the label, do you have to hold it further away from your face than normal? Or when you sit down to read a book, does it seem like you are holding it a mile away? If so, then this is a sign that you may need to get reading glasses.

You Squint When Reading

The next time you go to read something— whether it be literary or just something basic— take a mental note of whether or not you have to squint in order to see it more clearly. Does it seem like your eyes are trying extra hard to see the words in front of you and so you have to squint to compensate? This is one of the most common signs that we see in patients who need reading glasses.


If you have been experiencing the above problems and you get frequent headaches, then that’s also a big sign that you need reading glasses. Although headaches aren’t always indicative of a vision problem, when they are accompanied by symptoms like those above, they certainly can mean that you need glasses.

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