6 Things to Know About Glaucoma

When you come into our office for your eye exam, we will do more than just check your vision for dryness and your prescription; we will also check your eye pressure to see if you have glaucoma. As a condition that places too much pressure on the optic nerve, it can lead to blindness if not treated. But what else is there to know about it?

  1. Anyone can get glaucoma

One of the scariest things about glaucoma is that anyone can get it. Although people over the age of 45 are more susceptible to getting it, babies and even young children can get rare forms of this eye disease.

  1. Once the Damage Is Done, It Can’t Be Fixed

Early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma is a must because once the damage has been done to the optic nerve, it can’t be reversed.

  1. There’s Only One Solution

The only clinically proven way to slow down the progression of glaucoma is to lower the pressure in the eye. Although not everyone who has eye pressure has glaucoma, everyone who has glaucoma does have eye pressure.

  1. More Americans Are Getting It

You might be surprised to know that 2.7 million Americans over the age of 40 have glaucoma and that number may double over the next couple of years. Don’t let yourself become one of the millions who have this eye disease and make sure  you get regularly checked.

  1. It’s the Second Leading Cause of Blindness

Even though there is an increased awareness and research going on around the world about glaucoma, it remains the second leading cause of blindness in Americans.

  1. There Isn’t a Cure

Unfortunately, even though doctors are continuously working on getting a cure for glaucoma, there isn’t yet one out there. However, if you get regular eye tests (every one to two years), we can catch it early on.

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