How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Contact Lenses?

A man looking in the mirror and putting in contact lenses Are you new to wearing contact lenses? If so, you might be asking yourself, “How long does it take to get used to contact lenses?”

Let us explore some tips and insights to help you navigate adjusting your contact lenses.

Tips for Smoothly Adjusting to Contact Lenses

Here are some effective strategies to help new contact lens wearers adapt quickly and comfortably:

Find the Right Lenses

Ensure you have the perfect fit by consulting with an eye care professional. They’ll assess factors like eye curvature, pupil size, and prescription to recommend the most suitable type of lenses, whether daily disposables or monthly options.

Follow Professional Guidance

Listen to the advice provided by your eye care professional regarding how to insert, remove, and care for your lenses. Their instructions will facilitate a smoother transition to wearing contact lenses.

Gradually Increase Wear Time

Allow your eyes to acclimate by starting with short periods of wear and gradually extending the duration. Patience is vital, as rushing the process can lead to discomfort and potential complications.

Maintain Hygiene

Prioritize caring for your contact lenses to prevent infections and ensure comfort. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses, use appropriate cleaning solutions for your lenses, and stick to the recommended wearing schedule. 

Common Symptoms During Adjustment

  • Lens Movement: Contacts may shift around on your eye initially. This is normal, and a well-fitted lens will eventually conform to your eye’s shape.
  • Astigmatism: If you have astigmatism, the lens may move out of place. Proper fitting and adjustments can address this issue.

Now, even if you do everything right, a contact lens adjustment period is normal. How long does it take to adjust to contacts? About 10 to 12 days. With that said, you might have mild eye issues during the adjustment period, like blurred vision, eye fatigue, and discomfort. 

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