How often should I see an eye doctor?

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An ophthalmologist is a specialized, experienced eye doctor who can provide the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of many eye conditions and concerns. However, many of our patients are unsure as to how often they need to have their vision and eyes checked by a professional. The team at the Longwood Eye & LASIK Center encourage patients to call the office to see if they are due for an evaluation with one of our professional in our four office locations throughout Massachusetts.

How often should I see an ophthalmologist?

It is important to attend regular checkups with your ophthalmologist, especially if you have a family history of eye diseases or current eye concerns that need monitoring. Depending on your individual risk factors, your ophthalmologist at the Longwood Eye & LASIK Center in Massachusetts may recommend that you have an annual comprehensive dilated eye exam.

What can I expect during my eye examination with an ophthalmologist?

During this exam, your ophthalmologist will carefully examine the health of your eyes and look for early signs of any potential problems. Some of the steps and tests may include:

  • Measuring your vision
  • Testing your eye muscle function
  • Checking the pressure inside your eyes
  • Examining the front and back of your eyes for any signs of disease or injury
  • Dilating your pupils to get a better view of the inside of your eyes

If you have any concerns about your current vision or eye health, don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor about these specific issues. This is a great time to talk to the doctor about changes in your vision or eye health that may be indicative of a more serious issue. Evaluations are an effective screening that can be used in finding and diagnosing certain concerns that may be early signs of a much bigger problem down the road.

Remember, catching any problems in the earliest stages is key to preserving your vision!

With routine eye examinations at the Longwood Eye & LASIK Center, patients can monitor their vision and eye health over time to spot issues in their earliest stages. As with most medical conditions, early detection is critical to seeking effective treatment. If you live in Massachusetts and want to work with a provider in the communities of Greenfield, Fitchburg, Springfield, or Gardner, call 800-676-5050 to request an appointment at any one of our four office locations.


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