How to Keep Your Eyes Protected While Binge Watching Netflix

In this day and age, nothing can be quite as relaxing and oddly fulfilling as sitting inside on a weekend and binge watching a fun new show on Netflix. And although Netflix may be worth binging, all of that time spent in front of a screen may not be ideal for your eyes. Because our eyes weren’t made to stare at blue light for a long time, it can wreak serious damage on them. So, what can you o to keep your eyes protected while you’re watching your favorite show?

Take a Break

Your heart may not want to take a break after every episode, but your eyes do! In fact, it’s ideal to give your eyes a break from the tv every 20 minutes.

We’ve talked about the 20-20-20 rule on here before and we aren’t going to give it up anytime soon. Even when you’re watching Netflix, try to take a 20-second break every 20 minutes by looking at least 20 feet in front of you. If you can’t get yourself to pause your show every 20 minutes, then at least try to take a break every hour.

Get Blue Light Glasses

There are studies that are still ongoing regarding the effects of blue light blocking glasses. Our opinion? The 20-20-20 rule is your best bet, but if you want to give blue light glasses a go then be our guest, because it certainly won’t cause any harm.

Blue light blocking glasses are responsible for protecting your eyes from damage from tablets, smartphones, laptops, and yes, even TV’s. The trick to wearing blue light glasses is to just be consistent. If they do in fact, do their job, then consistency is key.

Having tired feeling eyes after a long day of watching a show is typical. After all, all of that LED exposure can certainly make your eyes feel more tired than usual.

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