How to Take Care of Your Glasses

Optical Shop Greenfield MA Your glasses are likely your most worn accessory, but they may also be your most neglected. Rather than wasting money every few months on fixing scratched glasses, why not learn to take better care of them? From how to store them to how to properly clean them, this article will list a few ways for you to take better care of your glasses.

How to Store Them

If you are the type of person that leaves your glasses in the car, on your desk at work, in the bed every night, and just about anywhere else, you are putting your lenses at a greater risk of getting scratched. To protect your glasses, make sure to store them in their glasses case every time you take them off. That way, if they fall on the ground, they will be protected.

How to Tighten Them

Loose glasses can make you feel like— well like they are going to fall off your head at any time. If the screws in your glasses are coming loose, you can either have them professionally tightened, or you can buy a glasses kit from the pharmacy that comes with a small screwdriver.

How to Clean Them

Did you know that if you clean your glasses with a rough towel or even a paper towel, you are more likely to scratch them? If you are in the habit of cleaning your glasses with just about anything around, break that habit and invest in a glasses cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth designed for glasses— both of these will help keep them clean and scratch free.

Taking care of your glasses doesn’t have to be difficult, but breaking bad habits can be. If you want to learn more about your vision health, schedule an appointment at our Longwood Eye & LASIK Center office today: (800) 676-5050.


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