Parenting Alert: 4 Things to Keep Out of Eye’s Reach for Young Children

Eyecare Greenfield MA Parenting can seem like an endless list of do’s and don’ts— because, well, if one parent has seen it, it’s kind of the unwritten rule that they have to share either how bad it was or how beneficial it was. Whether you’re the parent of one kid or five kids, we have created a brief list of things that you may not be aware of that can harm your child’s vision. Let’s take a closer look.

Cleaning Supplies

You shouldn’t just keep your cleaning supplies up high and somewhere out of reach of your children so they won’t ingest them, you should also keep them away from kids, so they don’t get them in their eyes. Cleaning agents— especially in spray bottles— can shoot directly into your child’s eyes and cause permanent damage. If they do get something in their eye, try flushing it with warm water and then monitor it closely. If it becomes inflamed or if it gets worse, call poison control.

Hot Grease and Oil

Another thing to be cautious of around kids? Hot grease or cooking oil. When you’re cooking something hot, make sure to keep your little ones away from the stove. The hot grease can jump into their eyes, burn them, and cause serious eye damage.

Nerf Guns

If your kid is of the age where they are into toys like nerf guns that shoot darts and pellets across the room, make sure that they aren’t pointing them near their faces. These pellets can directly hit the eye or around it and cause some damage— even if it’s minor.


Even though sandboxes may be great at keeping your kid entertained for hours, if your child gets sand in their eyes, it’s one of the surest ways to scratch their cornea and cause permanent eye damage. Try to avoid letting your child play in the sand on a windy day, and make sure to wash their hands with soap and water after they are done playing.

These few tips can help protect your little one’s vision. Ready to learn more about vision health and care? Schedule your consultation with our Longwood Eye & LASIK Center office today: 800-676-5050.


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