Sick of Looking Tired? Consider a Brow Lift

Brow Lift Greenfield, MA Are you constantly being told that you look tired? Does it seem like that no matter how many z’s you get each night, that you still wake up looking like you got hit in the head with a pillow full of zero sleep? As a natural part of the aging process, patients around 40 to 60 years of age start to lose collagen and elastin in the skin around their forehead and eyes— which leaves them looking tired and deflated. Luckily, with a variety of different procedures— both surgical and non-invasive— we at Longwood Eye & LASIK Center can help you look more youthful and awake than you can remember. One particular procedure that we offer at our office is called a Brow Lift.

We offer two types of brow lifts both of which are designed to tighten the skin and underlying tissue, remove forehead wrinkles, soften lines, and give you a more alert appearance.

Coronal Brow Lift

One concern that many patients have about getting a brow lift is scarring— and rightfully so. With a coronal brow lift or a traditional brow lift, a long incision is made that starts at one ear and wraps around the forehead leading to the other ear (resembling a pair of headphones). This type of incision is designed specifically to lessen the visibility of post-op scarring. After the incision has been made, your surgeon will then gently lift and tighten the skin to reposition any underlying muscles. The result? No more fine lines and wrinkles across your forehead and eyebrows to make you look tired.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift has become the most popular due to minimal scarring and the use of less invasive technology. However, although patients can obtain great results from this type of brow lift, it doesn’t give surgeons the same ability to lift the skin as with a coronal brow lift which makes results less drastic.

During this type of brow lift, we will make 3-5 incisions around the hairline. After which, we will insert an endoscope into one of the incisions which allow our surgeons to see beneath the forehead skin without the need for long incisions like with a traditional lift. After which, the skin is lifted, and the muscles are tightened.

If you are looking to soften your fine lines and wrinkles, consider getting a brow lift from Longwood Eye & LASIK Center. Schedule a econsultation online or give us a call at (800) 676-5050 today.


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