The Twitch and the Itch: 3 Common Eye Issues

Eye Twitching | Eye Care Services Greenfield MA Your eyes are the window into your soul— or so they say. But when they are twitching, red, itching, or overall uncomfortable they can feel more like a window leading straight into misery. From eye twitching to itching eyes, this article will discuss three common eye conditions.

Eye Twitch

Your eye has been twitching enough to make you look like you are winking at every stranger that passes by. The good news is that although eye twitch can be obnoxious, it’s typically not anything to worry about. In fact, eye twitch is caused by simple things such as a lack of sleep or stress. As a simple solution, try making some lifestyle changes and see if you notice an improvement. If the twitching persists, contact our Longwood Eye & LASIK Center office and schedule an appointment.


Pinkeye gets a bad rap for being associated with a lack of hygiene or coming into contact with feces or bacteria. However, pinkeye or conjunctivitis is fairly common, and because it’s so contagious, it can spread easily from one person to the next.

There are three types of pink eye: viral, bacterial, and allergies. Depending on the type of pink eye that you have, will dictate which treatment option is best for you including oral medications and eye drops.

Itching Eyes

Red, inflamed, and itching eyes can be caused by a variety of different things but are most commonly caused by allergies. If you experience frequent eye itching and redness, you may be allergic to something as common as the grass around you. Luckily with a brief examination and some medication, you should be able to kick your allergies and itching eyes to the curb in no time.

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