Top Eye Concerns for Seniors 65 and Older

Optometry,,Smile,And,Woman,With,Prescription,Glasses,,Optician,And,HelpingUp to 60% of adults in the United States with visual impairment or blindness are 65 or older. Senior vision loss is a prevalent concern, which makes proper education and awareness necessary to preserve eyesight as you age. This post will help you take a step closer to comprehensive eye care at every stage of life.


Cataracts affect up to 90% of adults 65 and older. Early on, cataracts may only cause blurry or double vision. As they develop, you may slowly notice your shrinking field of vision. Eventually, cataracts can lead to blindness.

Although aging can accelerate the development of cataracts, other factors can also play a role in their emergence. Those factors may include your history of eye injuries, the medications you use, and the conditions you have.

Surgery is often used to treat cataracts. Consult your doctor to determine if undergoing cataract surgery is right for you.


Senior citizens should also be mindful of potentially developing glaucoma. It’s worth noting that glaucoma isn’t technically a disease and instead refers to various diseases known to affect the optic nerve. Similar to cataracts, glaucoma can reach the point where it causes blindness.

What makes glaucoma especially difficult to deal with is the fact it barely makes its presence felt early on. Unless you undergo regular eye exams, you may not realize that you have glaucoma.

The exact causes of glaucoma remain unknown, but factors including aging and genetics impact its development. Treatment options for glaucoma include medication and surgery. Your optometrist can determine the best course of action after examining your eyes.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration is another eye condition known to plague seniors. Unlike the previous two conditions, age-related macular degeneration does not cause total vision loss. However, it can still impact the quality of your vision by causing increased blurriness and changing how you see in low-light situations.

Genetics and poor lifestyle habits increase your risk of experiencing age-related macular degeneration. Close monitoring and medication can also slow down its progression.

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