What Happens In The Blink Of An Eye?

comprehensive eye exam You just do it. You don’t even have to think about it…unless you actually DO stop and think about it. Your somatic nervous system takes care of it for you. What is it? It’s blinking. And it’s one of the ways your eyes protect themselves. You don’t pay attention to it, that’s true, but blinking is very important to eye health.

Read on to learn a few surprising facts about blinking:

  • A blink takes just one-tenth of a second. You blink between 10 and 20 times a minute, but that number decreases drastically when you are focused on something. Blinks decrease to 3 to 8 times a minute while you are watching TV, knitting, reading, working on a computer or other activities that require your intense focus. That’s about 60% less than the normal blinking rate, and this lack of blinking can lead to dry eyes and eye strain over time.
  • Blinking lubricates your eyes, and it’s necessary to moisturize and clean them as well. Every time you blink, a thin layer of tears spreads across the surface of your eyes, preventing them from drying out. Your blink also removes tiny dirt and dust particles.
  • Making a conscious effort to blink during high focus activities can do your eyes a world of good. Get in the habit of closing your eyes when you are thinking or doing something that doesn’t require your vision. Simply close your eyes, squeeze them for a moment, open them and blink several times.

Your eyes are precious and amazing. Taking care of them is vitally important. Even though blinking may seem minor, it’s very important to your eyes. Tears, coupled with oil-producing sebaceous glands work together all day to protect, lubricate and nourish your eyes.

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