Your Baby’s Eyes…Some Interesting Things To Know

If you are new parent, you may be interested in what your baby can see and what, if anything, you should be concerned about as your baby’s vision develops. Your baby’s eyesight develops over time. Parts of your baby’s eye are in place at birth, but the regions of her brain that decipher visual images have to start from scratch.

At birth, your baby can distinguish dark from light, but her brain is attempting to make sense of the input from her eyes.

As your baby’s eye muscles strengthen, she will be able to see more clearly.

Normal infant eye development baby eye care ma

If her eye development is progressing normally, here’s what you can expect:

  • By two months your baby should be able to return your smile.
  • By seven months your baby should be able to distinguish between a variety of colors and can see objects across a room.

A good rule of thumb is to have your baby’s eyes checked between six and twelve months of age. If you notice any of these things that may be affecting your baby’s sight, talk to your baby’s doctor or call our office as soon as possible:

Unusual eye development

  • Red or crusty eyelids – Your baby may have an eye infection.
  • Oversensitivity to light – Your baby could have elevated pressure in his eye.
  • Extreme tearing – Your baby’s tear ducts may be blocked.
  • Frequent eye turning – Your baby may have a problem with eye-muscle control.
  • Pupils that looks white – This could indicate eye cancer.

What to look for

Vision problems are rare in infants; most babies have normal vision.
Occasionally problems arise. Here are some things to look for:

  • Eye Rubbing – Your baby rubs her eyes frequently.
  • Sitting Close to Objects – Your baby holds her favorite toy just inches from her face.
  • Lazy Eye – One of your baby’s eyes drifts to one side when you are looking at her.
  • Squinting – Your baby squints to focus on the objects in from of her.

Eyesight is precious, just like your baby. If you are concerned about your baby’s eyes or vision, call (888) 296-0106, or schedule a consultation with our offices today!


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