Everything You Should Know About Caring for Your Contact Lenses

contact lens care

contact lens care Contact lenses are a popular option for correcting vision problems. These lenses can be inserted into the eyes and left in place for several hours, ensuring you can see clearly without worry. It is vital to follow strict contact lens care instructions when using contact lenses to improve your vision. Here is what you need to know.

Risks With Contact Lenses

Each type of contact lens is designed to function for a specific amount of time. Contacts can include daily-wear lenses, extended-wear lenses (7 to 30 days), and lenses that can be worn for up to one month, several months, or a year before they need to be replaced. When you exceed the recommended wear time, it can cause problems.

Eye contacts that are old may lose their proper fit over time. Improper-fitting contact lenses can scratch your eyes, causing the blood vessels in your eyes to grow and impact the cornea. This can lead to discomfort or pain and potentially serious vision impairments or blindness.

If you notice any light sensitivity, redness, watering, or pain in your eyes, it is best to remove your contact lenses and reach out to your doctor right away.

Proper Contact Lens Care Is Vital

There are several things you should do to ensure the safe use of contacts.

Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean

Touching contact lenses and wearing them all day long can increase the risk of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms damaging your eyes. It is best to ensure your lenses remain clean at all times to avoid any potential issues they could cause. Using a quality disinfectant before wearing your lenses will help you prevent eye irritation or infections. Additionally, you want to soak your lenses in a clean contact solution after each use.

Follow Care Instructions From Your Doctor

Your doctor will provide you with care instructions for your contact lenses. It is vital to listen to the directions and follow them exactly as given. This will ensure you are able to use the contact lenses properly while avoiding potential problems.

Do Not Use in Water

You should avoid using contact lenses in swimming pools, hot tubs, showers, and in any situation where water may enter your eyes. Even if the water is treated, there is still a chance that harmful microorganisms can enter your eye and cause harm. Additionally, it can increase your risk of developing dry eyes.

Keep Your Eye Appointment

It is important to go to your regularly scheduled eye examination to ensure your eyes are healthy and strong. An examination will ensure you are using the correct power of contact lenses to meet your vision correction needs.

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