Four Tips for Good Eye Health

eye health

eye health Proper eye health care rarely gets talked about. If you aren’t taking an active role in maintaining proper eye health, you could be laying the foundation for future pain. Luckily, taking care of your eyes is easy. Here are four tips to ensure long-lasting eye health.


If you already have an exercise routine, you have been unknowingly caring for your eyes. If you don’t, knowing how exercise helps maintain good eye health may help you get moving.

Exercise promotes healthy blood flow, and good blood flow can keep your eyes supplied with necessary nutrients. Furthermore, one study found that those who engaged in exercise had a reduced risk of developing glaucoma compared to those who didn’t.

Exercise can also reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes can affect eye health by leading to diabetic retinopathy, a condition that can cause vision loss.

Exercise not only helps the body, but it can help the eyes as well.


Another key for the body that can also help the eyes is to maintain proper hydration. Dehydration can prove disastrous for the eyes as it can lead to lower tear production. Without tears, not only are you subject to the discomfort of dry eyes, but you may leave yourself susceptible to developing eye infections.


Not just a cosmetic accessory, sunglasses block out harmful UV rays which can damage the eyes. Make sure you find sunglasses that are confirmed to block out both UVA and UVB rays. UV rays are also present even on cloudy days, so be sure to wear them then as well.

Eye Exams

Making sure to schedule a comprehensive eye exam can be one of the most beneficial courses of action you can take for proper eye health. The eye doctor not only checks for eye health but can help diagnose other diseases as well.

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