How to Treat a Black Eye

Black Eye Treatment Springfield MA Having a black eye can either make you want to hide it behind sunglasses or show it off as a sign of a chivalrous gesture. Whether you got it in a car accident, from a surgical procedure, or a fight, it’s important that you know how to take care of your black eye. From icing it to checking for vision problems, this article will give you a step by step guide.

Ice It

You’ve seen it in the most famous boxing movies, boxers grabbing a cold steak or back of veggies to place over their black eye. And although you don’t have to go hard core and grab a raw piece of meat to place on your eye, you should ice it. Try grabbing something soft, like a bag of frozen corn to place over your bruised eye. The vegetables will conform to the areas around your eye and nose and help decrease the pain and swelling.

Apply Warmth

After a few days of icing your black eye, switch to a warm compress. The warmth will help boost the blood circulation to the bruised portion of your eyes and reduce the bruising in the process.

Watch for Vision Problems

If you have double vision or blurred vision, try to keep an eye on it and schedule an appointment with Longwood Eye & LASIK Center. Typically, any vision impairment will subside after a few days, but it’s still a good idea to schedule an examination to make sure. If, however, your vision gets substantially worse, we will need to see you right away.

Getting a black eye is something that is fairly treatable with just some TLC and an examination. If you would like to learn more about black eyes or how to treat them, contact Longwood Eye & LASIK Center today!


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