What Is Tested During a Routine Eye Examination

Eye Exam | Eye Doctor Springfield MA Often when people get into the habit of doing something, they stop asking questions— specifically when it comes to their health. Like one of those things, eye examinations are something that many patients do year after year without knowing much about them. To help you feel more informed before going into your next examination, we have created a brief article. Read on to learn more.

Color Blindness

During your comprehensive eye exam, your eyes will be checked for color blindness. If you have a family history of color blindness, make sure to alert your doctor because it is usually hereditary.


Done primarily for children, strabismus or lazy eye, is tested with a patch test. By taking a plastic eye cover and holding it over one eye at a time to block your vision, your doctor will be able to see if your eye can focus without the other or if it wanders.

Ocular Motility

This type of test is used to track your eyes mobility. During this test, your doctor will have you hold your head still and will then use a small flashlight and have you follow the light with your eyes— this will help them monitor your movement.

Visual Acuity

This is the part of the eye examination that most patients are familiar with. By using a letter or number chart, a doctor will check to see just how well you can see from far away.


This test usually involves spraying a bit of air pressure into your eyes to check for your eyes pressure. If you have too much pressure, this could be indicative of an underlying issue like glaucoma.

Everyone should have a routine eye examination about once a year. To learn more about eye examinations or to schedule your next appointment, contact Eye, and Lasik Center today!


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